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Today is Mother’s Day, a day on which the vast majority of people in the United States pay tribute to the women who gave them life and / or served as examples to them of unselfish love and dedication in the caring, nurturing, and upbringing that they demonstrated to others in their lives.

For some people it is a day of thankfulness for all the good and wonderful things these women brought into their lives.

But this is not true for everyone.

  1. For some, it is a day of hurt, pain, and reopened wounds of those who had no positive example of what a mother’s love is like.
  2. For others, it is also a day of tears, for children that they have lost as mothers or for mothers they have lost as children.
  3. Still others have an emptiness and a longing for a child that they have never been able to conceive, carry or know.

That is why this we turn to our text.  Because in 1 Peter, we read of the building of the church – a place where we come to find companion celebration for our joys as well as compassion and mutual support in our hurt, pain, and tears.

This is what God is talking about in our text.

            In the church, God, in Christ Jesus, has assembled a group of sinful human beings into a body of “living stones” cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

            We all need each other and especially need Him.

As we gather together in worship, may we always remember that God has brought us into his Church, not just to take up space, but to remember that each one of us has an important task to do in his kingdom. We spend our lives declaring God’s love for all in Jesus to a sin-darkened world.

If we look at our church building, what stones could we do away with? If we took out this one brick, we would definitely notice it. It would stick out every time we came to worship.

What stones can we do away with in Christ’s Church? Can we say

“That row, you are out of the Holy Christian Church…we don’t need you anymore”?

We can’t do without them; they would be missed.

I doesn’t matter if you are a confirmed life-long LCMS member, a 4 year old, or a first time visitor who’s never been to a Lutheran church.

Jesus has built us all into an important part of his building. All are precious to him. The Church Jesus Built has a place for you.

Come and join us we would love to serve you, love you, and care for you!

Pastor Peter M. Peitsch

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