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I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to attend the “Doxology” Conference in Springfield, Illinois, last month. There was a lot of information that the 20 or so Pastors and Christian psychologists received over the course of 4 ½ days.  Here are some of the topics we discussed and learned more about:

  • 1) Word, Sacrament, and Psychotherapy
  • 2) Shepherding Souls
  • 3) Pastoral Self-care
  • 4) Pastoral Ethics
  • 5) Compassion Fatigue
  • 6) Authority vs. Power
  • 7) Emotional Intelligence
  • 8) Sadness, Despair, and Recovery
  • 9) Depression
  • 10) Sexual Misconduct
  • 11) Spiritual Warfare.

As you can see there was a lot of material to absorb in the short amount of time we were there. It seemed at first a lot to take in and apply. However, there was another dimension to this event that doesn’t show itself on the list above that put things in perspective and not nearly so overwhelming – WORSHIP.

We had worship services (about 30 minutes each service):  Monday (2 times); Tuesday (4 times); Wednesday (4 times); and Thursday (3 times). Now a person might ask, “With all that information to take in, how does adding 13 worship services in 4 days help? Wouldn’t it make it worse trying to put more things into an already filled up schedule?”

My simple answer is no. Every worship service we had the Invocation, hymns, responsive singing from the Psalms, other Bible readings, a 10 minute message, prayers, and the Benediction.

But that is enough for this month. In September, I want to share more with you about my experience at “Doxology”.  In the meantime, think about how worship was a benefit to me at the conference.

Shalom in Jesus our Risen Messiah,

Pastor Peter M. Peitsch

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